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Cartridges for triple filters

Kārtridži plūsmas filtriem

Our customers often ask questions about which cartridges they need for their filters. Therefore, in this article we will talk about: what cartridges are available and suitable for triple filters, how often it is recommended to change them and is it difficult to replace the cartridges?

Triple filter

The triple filter is one of the simplest flow filter for drinking water. It consists of three flasks through which water gradually flows. Each flask contains a cartridge and their task is to solve certain water problems.

Cartridge set for triple filter

The Ecosoft CMV3ECO cartridge set consists of:

  • cartridge made of polypropylene foam with a pore size of 5 microns which provide removal of mechanical impurity (sand, mud, rust and other particles);
  • Ecomix D37 cartridge which removes hardness salts and also reduces the content of heavy metals and iron;
  • carbon block made from pressed activated carbon. Designed to remove chlorine and organic impurities that improve the taste of the water. This cartridge does not emit carbon dust.

Cartridge resource is 1500 liters.

Kārtridži plūsmas filtriem

The advanced set of triple filter cartridges

In this set instead of the polypropylene cartridge a mixed cartridge is installed which provides a deeper purification from the water impurities.

Ecosoft CRV3ECO cartridge set consists of:

  • Ecomix D37 cartridge with a unique mixture that ensures the removal of hardness salts, heavy metals as well as partial chlorine and organic substances;
  • Ecomix D531 cartridge containing specific polymer components. It provides water softening and reduces the content of organic matter;
  • Carbon block, which provides in-depth removal of chlorine and organochlorine substances.

This set of cartridges has an increased resource – 3000 liters. If it is necessary to purify well water, then it is recommended to use this kit although, depending on the quality of the water, its resource may decrease.

Kārtridži plūsmas filtriem

What other flow filter cartridges are available?

In our assortment you can also find separate cartridges for triple or other filters:

What else you should know about flow filter cartridges?

Polypropylene fiber cartridges are available with different pore sizes: the number of microns PP1, PP5, PP10, PP20, PP20/5. This unit of measurement is used to describe the size of particles that can pass through a filter (the smaller the number, the finer the filtration). Consequently, cartridges with a lower micron count will remove more impurities.

To obtain pure spring quality drinking water it is recommended to change the cartridges every 6 months regardless of the amount of water filtered.

Is it difficult to replace the cartridges?

Changing the cartridges for the triple filter does not require the presence of an experienced specialist. By following the instructions it is  possible to do it by yourself. See the video tutorial for replacing cartridges here.

For reverse osmosis filters it is essential to replace not only cartridges, but also membranes, post-filters and mineralizers. Therefore, we will talk about RO filters and their fittings more detail in our next articles.

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