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Cartridges for mechanical filters

Kārtridži mehāniskajiem filtriem

Mechanical filters play an important role in water purification. They are widely used both in domestic use and also as pre-filters in industrial equipment. As our customers have a lot of questions about mechanical filters and their cartridges, this week we’re going to look at this topic more detailed.

Ecosoft mechanical filters

Mechanical filters are generally used to reduce water turbidity and remove large pollution particles that can harm the performance of household appliances and other filter elements used in the household.

The 3 most popular types of Ecosoft mechanical filters with cartridge are:

Kārtridži mehāniskajiem filtriem

This type filters are perfect for apartments and houses with 1 bathroom and their maximum capacity is 10 l/min.

Kārtridži mehāniskajiem filtriem

Kārtridži mehāniskajiem filtriem
Mechanical purification filters Ecosoft BB10 and BB20 are designed for cold water purification for domestic purposes. The impurities that the filter can remove depend on the cartridge installed. The BB10 filter is suitable for a family of up to 5 people and its maximum capacity is 50 liters per minute, while the BB20 filter is suitable for a family of up to 7 people and its maximum capacity is 83 liters per minute.

We also offer other solutions of mechanical filters with cartridges for the whole house, more information here.

Cartridges for mechanical water filtration

The company Ecosoft offers 4 types of cartridges:

  • Threaded cartridges: produced by winding a polypropylene thread on a rigid core. Porosity is determined by the thickness of the thread and its winding.
  • Polypropylene foam cartridges: produced by spraying liquid polypropylene. It does not contain a core, rigidity is provided by the structure of the cartridge.
  • Gradient cartridges: involves the application of two layers with different porosity (5 and 20 microns). It provides a two-stage filtering option in one cartridge (the upper surface retains larger particles, the inner one – smaller). This effect significantly extends the life of the cartridge.
  • Bacteriostatic cartridges: water is provided with a longer service life due to the introduction of a chemical reagent into the fiber structure which prevents the formation of slime on the surface of the cartridge, thereby increasing its service life.
Working temperature, °C Parameter 2,5″x10″ 4,5″x10″ 4,5″x20″
Threaded cartridges 3-43 Degree of filtration, microns 1, 5, 10, 20 5 5, 20
Filtration rate, l/min 8 15 30
Resource, l 10 000 40 000 80 000
Gradient cartridges 3-43 Degree of filtration, microns 5/20 N/a 5/20
Filtration rate, l/min 8 30
Resource, l 30 000 240 000
Bacteriostatic cartridges 3-43 Degree of filtration, microns 5 N/a N/a
Filtration rate, l/min 8
Resource, l 15 000
Polypropylene foam cartridges 3-60 Degree of filtration, microns 1, 5, 10, 20 N/a 20
Filtration rate, l/min 8 20
Resource, l 10 000 80 000

For household mechanical filters cartridges with a filtration degree of 5 (less often 20) microns are most often used. It is recommended to install 5 micron cartridges in commercial reverse osmosis systems, 10 and 20 micron cartridges for pre-cleaning before ultrafiltration.

Polypropylene and carbon cartridges are most often used for household purposes. However, other cartridges are also available, such as hydrogen sulfide and iron removal cartridges, etc.

Carbon cartridges

Activated carbon is an effective sorbent of chlorine and organic impurities, both of artificial and natural origin. After such  cartridge the color of the water improves significantly and odors disappear. Ecosoft cartridges are made from activated carbon obtained by burning coconut shells.

There are two types of carbon cartridges available:

  • granular activated carbon cartridge: a plastic case filled with activated carbon granules. During the cleaning process, water enters the filter housing and passes through the layer of filter material.The disadvantages of such a cartridge include the fact that in the process of water purification it can release coal dust for some time.

Kārtridži mehāniskajiem filtriem

  • carbon block: a cylinder made of pressed powdered activated carbon. The advantage of this cartridge is that it does not produce coal dust and is also able to hold large mechanical particles larger than 10 microns.

Kārtridži mehāniskajiem filtriem

Cartridge for removing hydrogen sulfide

We also have cartridges with Centaur catalytic material which ensures effective separation of hydrogen sulfide as well as partial removal of the content of organic substances and petroleum products.


  • Size: 4.5”x20” (BB20);
  • Resource: 30,000 l;
  • Filtration rate: 5 l/min.

We recommend using such cartridge for cleaning well water which has a smell of rotten eggs.

Ironing cartridge

Ironing cartridge consists of a mixture of catalytic material, activated carbon and pH corrector.


  • Size: 4.5”x20” (BB20);
  • Resource: 10,000 l;
  • Filtration rate: 5 l/min.

We recommend using such a cartridge for cleaning well water with an iron content of up to 1 mg/l.

Customers also often ask us about water softening cartridges. The Ecosoft company produces several cartridges with ion exchange resins that removes the content of hardness salts, iron and organic substances in the water (see here and here). You can see our entire range of mechanical filter cartridges here.

If after reading the article it is still not clear which mechanical filter and which cartridge is the most suitable for you, contact us and we will help you!
+371 23550935

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