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Why to drink warm water?

The effect of warm water

Today we will try to figure out whether it is good to drink warm water in the morning? Various publications on the Internet say that the warm water is almost able to raise the dead. It is also credited with unique qualities, for example, relieves pain, removes toxins, reduces weight, improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolism. As we know, many of these points are associated with complete rehydration. As it is the characteristic of any water, we looked at what scientists say about it. Fortunately, there are a number of publications that describe the effect on the human body of drinking warm water.


People can drink warm tea or water to overcome thirst and will receive the moisture the body needs. Moreover, cold water is drunk less during the cold season. But in conditions of physical exertion and hot climate drinking warm water and other drinks is generally not recommended. In such a situations dehydration is accelerated, tiredness increases and cognitive abilities decrease. This is due to the fact that psychologically it is not pleasant to drink warm water in a hot climate or during physical exertion but cooled water stimulates an increase in the amount of liquid consumed and reduces the chances of dehydration.

The benefits of hot water/ tea for a cold

Siltā ūdens ietekme uz cilvēka veselību

A study that determined the dependence of the formation of mucus in the nasopharynx on cold and hot water, as well as chicken broth, showed that cold water has a worse effect on reducing the mucus and the patency of the nasal passages than hot drinks. Therefore, it makes sense to drink warm water and other warm drinks when you have a cold.

However, another article also tells us that fruit tea at room temperature slightly reduces the symptoms of a runny nose, sneezing and coughing but hot fruit tea reduces tiredness, relieves shiver and improves overall well-being.

Warm water for coronavirus     

Siltā ūdens ietekme uz cilvēka veselību

The benefit of warm water during Covid-19 is a myth that began to spread on social networks and it has no evidence. It is known that the virus is not viable in warm water but this applies to water supply systems and surfaces. When the virus enters a person’s mouth, nose and eyes it does not “live in the throat for a long and then slowly moves on.” It quickly comes in through the mucous membranes and begins to multiply in its usual environment, that is, in the human body.

Will a glass of warm water help to warm up?

Siltā ūdens ietekme uz cilvēka veselību

Who would deny that warm drinks in the cold help to warm up? Whether this is a psychological effect or somehow connected with physiology – scientists have studied it. As one study showed, the consumption of a hot liquid with a temperature of 52 °C causes a decrease in heat production and reduces shivering in the cold. Therefore, taking a thermos of tea with you or buying coffee on a long winter walk is a very good idea.

Does warm water in the morning improve metabolism?

There are no scientific articles that confirm this fact. The only proven fact is that warm water for several hours after gallbladder surgery improves overall well-being and reduces bloating. What is more, warm water can reduce the manifestations of achalasia, when a person cannot swallow due to problems with the nervous system.

Regarding the acceleration of digestion and metabolism there is no data. But the explanation is actually very simple: in order for all body systems to work normally, you need to consume a sufficient amount of liquid. In this case, the benefit of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach is obvious, because many people have problems with drinking, that is, they simply forget to drink water. And two 250 ml glasses of water is already a fourth part of the daily norm.

Why do you need warm water with soda?

Siltā ūdens ietekme uz cilvēka veselību

We do not know what it is needed for, and no one does. Soda water is recommended for the treatment of all possible diseases, but it is not effective.


According to research, there is nothing wrong with warm water, as, in fact, with a variety of teas and other drinks, or with simple unheated water. But it is important to consider some points:

  1. You should not use tap water for drinking and preparing drinks – it contains a lot of admixtures that are not useful to humans;
  2. The maximum temperature of water and drinks that does not cause burns of the mucous membrane of the mouth and esophagus is 52°C;
  3. In the heat it is better to refuse warm water and drinks.

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