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How to choose Ecosoft reverse osmosis filter?

Ecosoft RO filters

Customers often ask us: what are the differences between Ecosoft reverse osmosis (RO) filters and does the water quality depend on the filter model? In this week’s article we will take a closer look at Ecosoft RO filters, their main characteristics and key dimensions so that customers can find out which RO filter is best for them?

Regardless of the model, all Ecosoft RO filters provide clean water free of bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. However, RO filters vary in price, design, performance, mineralization level and  setup.

Ecosoft RO system

The RO system consist of:

  • 3 pre-filter cartridges;
  • membrane element;
  • post-filter;
  • water storage tank;
  • mineralizer (optional);
  • pump (optional).

The purpose of the 3 pre-filter cartridges is to remove dirt from the water that can damage the membrane element (mechanical impurities, chlorine, organic substances). Thanks to membrane pores with a size of up to 0.0001 μm, they purify water from 99.8% of impurities, including viruses and bacteria. Also removing contaminants such as hardness salts, nitrates and heavy metals. After the membrane the water flows further to the post-filter, inside there is a mixture of activated carbon and natural components, which significantly improves the taste of the water. The water then goes into a storage tank to ensure 24/7 access to drinking water. At the last stage of the process mineralization of the water is possible to provide the water with a refreshing taste and supplement it with trace elements – calcium and/or magnesium (depending on the filter and mineralizer model).

If there are problems with the water pressure in the place where the filter needs to be installed, RO filter models that are equipped with a pump are a great solution.

Ecosoft RO filter models

Ecosoft has 4 lines of RO filters available: STANDARD, ABSOLUTE, P’URE un SENSE.

Comparison of RO filters according to their main features:




Membrane manufacturer

Preliminary cleaning

Standard 8 l/h Ecosoft

Standard cartridge set

Absolute 8 l/h DOW

Improved cartridge set

P’URE 12 l/h DOW AquaGreen
SENSE 12 l/h DOW AquaGreen + AquaSpring

STANDARD line filters are budget filters that provide high quality water at a friendly price. ABSOLUTE filters are filters with improved cleaning properties. P’URE filters take into account the latest achievements of modern innovations (AquaGreen and AquaSpring technologies) and the technologies built into SENSE filters allow you to monitor the state of the system and the amount of purified water using an application on your phone.

RO filter membranes

Ecosoft filters use membranes from manufacturers Ecosoft (Ukraine) and DOW (USA) which is another factor that affects the price of the filter. Depending on the RO filter model,  there are available membranes with performance 50, 75, 100 and 500 GPD (gallons per day). Considering that Ecosoft membranes are manufactured using modern equipment and high-quality American materials, their water purification quality is identical to DOW membranes. The production of membrane elements in Ukraine allows to reduce their costs by up to 35% without reducing the quality of water treatment. 

The processes of Ecosoft membrane production can be seen here.

RO filter cartridges

Ecosoft has three types of pre-purification cartridge sets available: Standard, Advanced and P’URE:



Advanced P’URE 
Mechanical Polypropylene            (5 micron) + + +

With granulated coal

+ + +

Mechanical polypropylene (1 micron)


Carbon block

AquaGreen +

Mineralization of RO filters

Ecosoft has three types of mineralizers available: Standard, AquaSpring and AquaCalcium.

The water passing through the mineralization cartridges is saturated with useful minerals. One of the most common components of mineralizers is calcite with which Standard type Ecosoft mineralizers are filled. Modifications with magnesium use a mixture of different components (AquaSpring). On the other hand, the AquaCalcium mineralizer has a two-stage mineralization technology to increase the calcium content of the water. How it works can be seen here.

Mineralization level of RO filters:


TDS, mg/l Calcium, mg/l

Magnesium, mg/l

Sense AquaSpring 60 – 80 10 – 15 4 – 6
P’URE AquaCalcium AquaCalcium 55 – 65 10 – 15
P’URE Balance AquaSpring 60 – 80 9 – 15 4 – 6
Standard/Absolute   (with mineraliz.) Standard 15 – 30 5 – 20
(without mineraliz.)
Standard 5 – 20

Maintenance of Ecosoft RO systems

In order RO filters to provide the highest quality water, it is necessary to carry out their regular maintenance.

Maintenance of all parts of the reverse osmosis system is based on replacing the filter elements:

  • a set of pre-filter cartridges – it is recommended to change them once every three months;
  • reverse osmosis membrane – it is recommended to change it once a year;
  • post-filter – it is recommended to change it once every 6 months;
  • mineralizer – it is recommended to change it once every 6 months.

The periods mentioned above are the manufacturer’s average optimal periods when the filter elements maintain their highest performance. The frequency of replacement of individual filter parts is determined by their service life, filtration characteristics, source water quality and the frequency of use of the system.

Our offer of Ecosoft RO filters and their elements can be seen on our SIA “Centavr” website

Still not sure which Ecosoft reverse osmosis filter is right for you? Contact us and our consultants will help you (+371 23550935 ; info@ecosofts.lv)!

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